Do you feel stressed?
Lack energy and vitality?
Suffer from pain and discomfort?

Body Stress is a powerful factor in our lives and can undermine our health and well-being in many ways. Every day we are exposed to different types of stress: mechanical – such as injury, strain or bad posture, chemical – such as air pollution and food additives, and mental and emotional stress. Body Stress Release prompts the body to release stored tension and heal itself.

Welcome to BSR with Meg!

What is Body Stress?

Any time the body experiences more stress than it is able to cope with, it becomes locked into our muscles. This overload of stress can occur from things like accidents or falls, too much pressure at work or home, emotional shock or trauma, or even exposure to chemicals, amongst a huge variety of things. Tension locked into the muscles causes the muscles to contract, which in turn puts pressure on the nerves, disrupting the proper communication, and leading to pain and discomfort.

What is Body Stress Release?​

Body Stress Release is a complementary health technique that uses stress testing to indicate the precise locations of stored tension in the body. Once the tension – or body stress – has been located, a gentle but precise impulse is applied to encourage the muscles to release the tension, and allow nerve communication to be restored.

Who needs Body Stress Release?

Are you affected by headaches and migraines, neck and backache, or joint pain? Do you get tingling or numb fingers and toes, or restless legs? Locked in body stress can have a huge number of effects, from stiff and tight muscles, to aches and pains, postural distortion, numbness, heartburn, bladder control issues, infertility, and even hyperactivity.

Who is it suitable for?

The Body Stress Release technique is extremely gentle, and can be helpful to anyone experiencing discomfort – from newborns, to the elderly. It is also safe during pregnancy.

What to expect from a body stress release appointment

At your first appointment, the practitioner will take a thorough case history. Once ready, fully clothed and with your shoes on, you will be lowered on a bed that has been specially designed to minimise unnecessary or painful movements. The practitioner will test for tension in various areas of your body. Once the tension is located, the practitioner will use his or her hands to give a gentle but precise impulse to encourage the body to release the stored tension. After the release, the practitioner will explain what they found and how it might be connected to the discomfort you’re experiencing, and give posture and self-help tips where appropriate.

It is highly recommended to book three appointments within a two-week period to start, as Body Stress Release works as a process. Each appointment will take approximately half an hour, to 45 minutes.

Meet Meg

I discovered Body Stress Release over half my lifetime ago, when my doctor referred me to a local practitioner to help with the extreme abdominal cramping I experienced. The effect it had on me was profound, and I have carried a love and respect for the modality since then. Following a happy career in the high-flying worlds of marketing and publishing, I felt called to change my appreciation of Body Stress Release into a vocation, and I now run a practice from my home in Mowbray, Cape Town.”

Meg is a licensed member of the Body Stress Release Association of South Africa.

Meg Ringdal

MOWBRAY Body stress release practitioner

Freedom from body stress promotes a better quality of life

Physically, mentally and emotionally


What people say

Before I went to Meg for Body Stress Release, I often had back pain if I stood too long; my feet would get pins and needles when I sat for too long; my arms would go ‘dead’ when I slept; and when I sneezed I would have shooting pains going down my arms which caused my arms to cramp. After the first session my back pain was less and my pins and needles reduced. After three sessions I no longer got pins and needles in my feet, and my arms no longer went dead when I slept. I can also sneeze without having the shooting pains running down my arms. Meg was really friendly, explaining everything while busy with the sessions. I feel great after having the sessions.
With a lifetime of suffering from lower back pain, sciatic nerve issues in my leg and hamstring, as well as suffering from migraines, I can tell you that I have been everywhere and tried everything and every pill there is. Almost accepting all of these as normal, I came across Meg who introduced me to BSR. It was very comforting to know that there is someone who understands the pains associated with migraines. Meg is very well informed and has a very calming and gentle nature that helped me relax with each treatment. We got right into the problem areas on day one and I must admit, I was in agony the day after. Subsequently each session after that became less and less painful as my body was healing itself. I could not believe the results in just a few sessions. Amazing! Highly recommended to anyone struggling with pain issues of any kind. Give it a go… it will change your life.
I had the privilege of experiencing BSR at the amazingly gentle (and warm) hands of Meg. I had never heard of it, and although it was explained to me, I could not understand the technique. Honestly, I was scared. Scared of the pain, scared to be in more pain afterwards – my only thought was The Pain. Fortunately, the almost constant pain from backache and  headaches encouraged me to face my fears and make an appointment with Meg. To my surprise, Body Stress Release was not invasive – it was fairly painless and gentle! Meg, I will recommend you to anyone who asks (and those who don’t). Hash tag moment… #MEG’S GOT YOUR BACK