Body Stress Release with Meg

What people say about BSR with Meg

Before I went to Meg for Body Stress Release, I often had back pain if I stood too long; my feet would get pins and needles when I sat for too long; my arms would go ‘dead’ when I slept; and when I sneezed I would have shooting pains going down my arms which caused my arms to cramp. After the first session my back pain was less and my pins and needles reduced. After three sessions I no longer got pins and needles in my feet, and my arms no longer went dead when I slept. I can also sneeze without having the shooting pains running down my arms. Meg was really friendly, explaining everything while busy with the sessions. I feel great after having the sessions.
I am a travelling therapist, so I carry a lot of weight in and out of my car regularly, resulting in lower back pain, which I’ve had off and on for the past 2 years. I had the most amazing Body Stress Release Sessions with Meg – her warm strong hands knew exactly where to press. From the 3rd session…..NO MORE PAIN! WOW! And… no more returning pain or discomfort! Meg’s knowledge and technique are amazing! I highly recommend her to anyone suffering pain, she is amazing! I look forward to my next BSR.
I had the privilege of experiencing BSR at the amazingly gentle (and warm) hands of Meg. I had never heard of it, and although it was explained to me, I could not understand the technique. Honestly, I was scared. Scared of the pain, scared to be in more pain afterwards – my only thought was The Pain. Fortunately, the almost constant pain from backache and  headaches encouraged me to face my fears and make an appointment with Meg. To my surprise, Body Stress Release was not invasive – it was fairly painless and gentle! Meg, I will recommend you to anyone who asks (and those who don’t). Hash tag moment… #MEG’S GOT YOUR BACK